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Welcome to Feinstein Gewehr Werke, LLC.

Feinstein Gewehr Werke, LLC, is a plastic brick kit manufacturer. Our kits enable you, your child, or grandchild, to build an AR compatible gun stock you can mount on your AR, or any rifle or shotgun that takes a mil spec diameter AR buffer tube.

Grayson posing outside the Fort Worth gun show

Grayson, above, is modeling a completed and installed Mk 8 AR rifle stock. We'll forgive him the trigger finger as there's no bolt in the gun.

The Mk 8 stock is $60.00 before sales tax and shipping, & we do take checks, USPS MO, and Pay Pal. Our current product, the Mk 8 rifle stock, is an entry length stock that is not adjustable. You will need several small tubes of super glue to glue the bricks and reinforcing metal threaded rods together and one .85 oz pack of 2-part epoxy to secure the stock to the buffer tube. Both types of glues are available at your local hardware store. The Mk 8 has been tested to withstand the recoil from 12 ga 3" 00 buck rounds: 24 shots. The Mk 8 configuration requires a mil-spec size buffer tube. If the rear of your buffer tube has an angle, you have a commercial tube, which must be unscrewed and replaced with a mil-spec tube. We also have stock nut wrenches available for $9.24, before tax & shipping. Texas sales tax is 8.25% where we ship from - we charge actual shipping. Please let us know how you would like your package shipped.

We take our name from the Feinstein Project, which first developed the idea of an AR rifle stock made of plastic bricks.

The newly revised instructions for the Mk8 Feinstein Stock kit, broken down into 21 pages for your convenience.

Reinforcement of 8 threaded steel rods.

Mk 8 stock assembled.

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